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  If you're making a one-off test for yourself, consider making a local test, it's quicker and avoids uploading your files.
Test type
  Select at least one option
People will have to pick their preferred track
Each track will have a 1-5 star rating (usually NOT the best choice !)
People will be asked to rank the tracks
Only for tests with 10+ tracks
People will have to identify the anonymized tracks
People will have to guess which track is cloned for n rounds
It will be published in the gallery 15 minutes after its creation
Global results and stats of the test will be hidden (even for you)
Available only for logged in users
The test will require a password to be taken (public tests will be modified as private)
The test won't be able to be taken after this date/time, but results will still be available
 Two tracks minimum Tracks
  Supported formats: wav, mp3, aac, flac ... (html5 audio). Wav files are converted to flac (16bits 48k).
  True Peak -1dB, target -24dB